About Mackenzie Hillebrand

Mackenzie Hillebrand was established in 2005 and is a joint venture between national logistics leader Qube Logistics and international logistics company JF Hillebrand.  Qube is a publicly listed logistics, ports, resources and property business.  JF Hillebrand is a 170-year-old German beverage logistics provider with a global network of 47 wholly-owned offices and agency representation in 78 countries.

Mackenzie Hillebrand employs 30 people from its Outer Harbor base and in 2012-13 coordinated the delivery of more than 300 million bottles of wine worldwide.

Easy Access to Global Markets

Mackenzie Hillebrand gives all wine producers the same easy access to global markets enjoyed by major exporters.

Based in Outer Harbor, South Australia, the company is Australia’s largest wine logistics company.  In 2012-13, Mackenzie Hillebrand delivered Australian wine to 300 destinations around the world.

Established in 2005 to service major wine companies such as Treasury Wine Estates and Accolade Wines, Mackenzie Hillebrand extended its service to all wineries, wine industry suppliers and Australian food exporters in 2013.  More Australian companies now have convenient and cost effective access to global markets through a one-stop-shop, door-to-door logistic service.

The only Australian beverage logistics company that undertakes the entire shipment process for you.

No contractors, no gaps, no delays.