Integration With Integrity

Mackenzie Hillebrand provides the following services to deliver wine from Australia’s cellars to the shelves of the world:

  • Delivery of wine from regional cellars to the Port of Adelaide in Mackenzie Hillebrand’s owned and operated state-of-the-art road transport fleet,
  • Local storage, consolidation and containerisation in climate-controlled waterside warehouse facilities,
  • 24 hour a day operation of our cross-docking facility offering direct terminal access, allowing for reduced cut-off times,
  • Local expertise in dealing with the precise requirements of the Australian wine export market through our on-site documentation centre, with the capacity to fulfill all required shipping and customs certification, enabling the product to leave Australia and arrive at the overseas destination on time,
  • A dedicated Freight Management Department providing a range of ancillary services, including bookings and documentation,

Access to the JF Hillebrand global network, which provides:

  • The support of over 2000 experienced professionals in 47 offices in every major wine, beer and spirit export and import wine country in the world;
  • A complete range of cost effective transportation services, including FCL, consolidations and wine-only LCL;
  • Sophisticated information services, with order management and communications systems developed in-house to specifically serve the demands of the beverage industry;
  • Global buying power to ensure the most competitive sea-freight rates; and
  • A vast and flexible choice of vessels, with multiple sailings to destinations throughout the world, thanks to our independence from any shipping line.